Vintage sunglasses

Coachella Gold Shiny - Nu.Br

49,00 €

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 Metal frame

Handmade frame

Unisex model (men/women)

Polarized lenses

Category 3 lenses

UV400 Protection 100% UVA/B (CE Standard)

Deliver with neoprene case and microfiber

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One Binocle Coachella for who ?

The Binocle Coachella is a beautiful metal frame with an acetate ring. Its round shape is typically feminine. The Binocle Coachella is a chic sunglasses, trendy and hype.

In the custom workshop you will find 10 different color combinations to make it hype or chic, it's up to you!

The metal structure and its circle in cellulose acetate, a noble material, tinted in the mass, are made by hand with a finishing like the most upmarket brands. #Fashion #JoinTheClub

Outstanding Quality

All our lenses have UV400 filter that protect 100% of UVA and UVB. They are category 3 and are equipped with a polarizing filter, they thus have a protection against the effects of reverberations of the reflective surfaces, essential for the driving and outdoor activities.

  • Polarized lenses
  • 100% UVA - UVB

Maintenance tips

In order to preserve the optical quality of the lenses it is important to never clean your lenses dry, even with a microfiber. Clean your lenses with a mild soap (pH 5.5) and warm water. Absorb moisture with microfiber or allow to air dry.

Do not dry or clean lenses with paper products as this may damage lenses and / or coatings. Do not put your glasses face down. Store your glasses in its pouch case, in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and/or heat. Do not expose your glasses to extreme temperatures (below -20°C or above 65°C). Avoid contact with your glasses with detergents, cleaning agents or chemicals.


Lunettes de soleil Coachella 12 face sma
Data sheet
Material of the frameMetal
Frame colorGold
Finishing the frameShiny
Material of the circlesAcetate
Color of the circlesNude
Finishing the circlesMatt
Colour of the glassesBlue mirror
Glass categoryCategory 3 polarized
StandardCE UV400
StyleVintage sunglasses